And they all got fired by James Taylor

Went to see The Immediate Family at the Lobero Theatre April 2, 2019.  Four guitars, and drums. Solid sound. What a line-up  — some of my favorite guys from bands I went to see probably dozens of times.  Opening the first and second set with a Warren Zevon compositions that Waddy Wachtell co-wrote with the man set the tone for the evening “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money” – and that’s where Waddy added the line “And we all got fired by James Taylor” – you can see it on the YouTube clip. I really did LOL and replayed it twice more and laughed each time.  That stuff never gets old.  Unlike the band and the audience – and I speak from the view of a 67 y.o. because the white and silver hair in the theatre that night was mind-blowing.  (Reminded me of the time I went out for a commercial audition in NY City and part of the casting call must have been “no one over 5 feet tall” – I hover at 4’10” and so when I went up on my toes and could see over all the heads in the room, it was very disconcerting – I didn’t get the job. I think it threw me off. ) Opening the second set with the Zevon audience pleaser “Werewolves of London” and yes, we all howled at the right parts. Group experience.

Back to The Immediate Family show.   The management of the theatre asked we all put our cell phones away so we could all enjoy the show.  And for the first time in YEARS I didn’t see any of that screen light in the house.  I did see three people way down front taking pictures but it was a very pleasant experience.  Kunkel on drums and Sklar on bass would have made my night alone.  They are like milk & honey.  Albeit of the rock n’ roll kind.  One of the great lines of the night was said by  Postell, “We’re a cover band that plays originals.”  Some cover band eh? Great songs from the catalogs of Henley, the Eagles, Jackson Browne, and originals by Waddy and Danny Korchmar.  But no James Taylor songs were in the mix. LOL

The official 411 on the group:  This group began life as a studio project, recording Danny Kortchmar’s upcoming solo CD. The CD, which will be released this spring, features guest performances by James Taylor, Jackson Browne, David Crosby & Michael McDonald. On guitar and vocals, Danny Kortchmar, who has played, produced and written for James Taylor, Don Henley, Carole King, Jackson Browne and many more. Also on guitar and vocals is Waddy Wachtel, the consummate rock guitarist who has played with many of the same artists, including many years with Stevie Nicks, Keith Richards, and the late Warren Zevon with whom he co-wrote and produced a number of hit songs. The Immediate Family also features absolutely one of the most recorded and revered rhythm sections in the world; Leland Sklar on bass and Russ Kunkel on drums. Their credits would require several more pages at least. Rounding out the band on guitar and vocals with Danny and Waddy is Steve Postell, a well seasoned touring/session musician who has worked with Jennifer Warnes, David Crosby and many others. Together, the members of The Immediate Family have played on close to 5,000 records, many of them classics in the rock n roll pantheon.

OMG, They’ve played on five-fucking-thousand records?!?!?  I didn’t have that many records, but I know I had a lot of their music in my collection. If they’re playing your town or city – DO GO!

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