It was the Name of the Street

For more than 26 years I had a great office in the center of downtown Santa Barbara – the building called ‘El Centro’ appropriately. It was built in 1929 and had a great vibe to it. Twenty-four offices and each one occupied by an interesting person or people.

I wrote about the history of the building for the SB Trust for Hysterical Preservation, I mean Historical. (wink wink) Here’s the story, to give you an idea of the place. I knew all the people who worked there. My office was located where the old reception area was for the original law offices it was made for. People naturally gravitated to my doors to ask, do you know where suite number so and so is? I’d ask them for the person’s name – then I could tell them where they were.

I was thinking about this because , earlier this week, I read Neal Graffy’s write-up in about how the name of the street the El Centro was on, Canon Perdido, came to be. It translates to mean ‘the lost cannon.’ There’s a funny anecdote here told by the self-proclaimed historian of Santa Barbara – Neal Graffy. I give all kudos to him for the history and stories he has accumulated.

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