When Trigger Had Pop Culture Status

End of workday yesterday, I went into the parking gargage to go home.  Two young men in their 20s were walking away from their car, an SUV of some nondescript make.  The owner of the car pushed the auto lock and it beeped.  No surprise there, I’ve used that beeping lock sound to find my car in a lot when I can’t recall exactly where I parked.  I’ve often called the lock beep my personal Trigger.  Well, the next thing that happened is why I titled this post what it is…the SUV started up!  I laughed and the guys looked at me.  I said “it’s just like Trigger, it’s ready to ride!”  That’s when the blank look on their faces clued me in.  I said, “you aren’t familiar with who Trigger was or Roy Rogers?”  And went on to explain how the Roy only had to whistle and his horse Trigger would be there.

I used to fantasize I was in harm’s way – usually stranded in some desert complete with the saguarro cacti on the landscape –  Roy would come in and swoop me onto his horse, Trigger, to save me when that show was in its heyday.  His wife Dale could ride as well as her man Roy.  She would, of course, welcome me into their ranch home to recuperate.

Maybe the exchange made those guys search for more info on Trigger but probably not.

The name Trigger always brings a smile to my face and I bet more than a few horses must’ve been named after him. If I had a palomino it’d be my first choice.

Do you have a special memory about that TV show?  I’d like to hear from you.